Top 6 ways to Prepare Your Apartment for End of Tenancy Cleaning

end of tenancy cleaning

The majority of people living in London don’t have their own places. They don’t have houses or apartments, but they do have homes. And though their homes are rented, they are just as important and just as valuable for them. Because no matter whether you are paying the rent each month or the mortgage, you are living in this place and you are transforming it into something like a reflection of yourself. This place is your castle and your savior. It is cozy and it is real. But unfortunately, it is temporary, as well. So there comes a moment when you need to move out as either your rent agreement is coming to an end or you have finally chosen a new rented place which is the better option. But nowadays nothing happens just that easy and changing places is more of a tiring than of an exciting experience, to be honest. But you have to cope with it and you have to cope with the end of tenancy cleaning, as well. You must nail it with excellence so that you don’t lose the money from your security deposit. Here are the top 6 things you better do in advance.

  1. Plan it. Write it down.

    You need to be aware of the seriousness of this situation and you need to think of all the things that you may have to face. So grab a piece of paper and start writing down anything comes to your mind. Keep it somewhere close so that you can complete the list anytime.

  2. Make a Research

    The end of tenancy cleaning is not something you are doing by yourself these days, but it is a cooperative task. So you need to work together with transportation and cleaning companies as well as letting agencies. That is why you better make a deep prior research so that you know which company is the very best one.

  3. Arrange an End of Tenancy Cleaning Appointment

    Checking this task is like having half the work done. The good company is hard to find, but when you do find it, make sure that you will arrange an appointment soon enough. Tell the experienced cleaners all about your house and let them know if there are some problems.

  4. Pack

    Now as you have the other things scheduled start with packing step by step. You won’t be able to put all your life into boxes in an hour, but you can start with the things you rarely use first.

  5. Pre-Clean

    This requires just a little bit of your time. Remove the garbage and all kind of leftovers. Make sure that there are no boxes in your place and the cleaners could come and directly start working. This will save their time and your money.

  6. Pass the Inspection

    For the unprepared, this is the worst nightmare and all the 9 circles of hell. For you, it is just a piece of cake.